Is That an iPad App on Your iPhone?

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Goodnews jailbreakers: A new hack enables iPad apps to be run on your iPhone 4. Of course, there have been other methods to do this in the past. But this new solution promises to allow even the “squares” of the tech world to accomplish the hack. Just download iTelepad2Pod (included in the link below) and open the program on your Mac. As long as you are jailbroken, and have OpenSSH from Cydia installed, you will be on your way. In a sense, the program sends your apps file through a FTP protocol to your iOS device. Fortunately, a how-to guide is available from ModMyi, but just in case you were wondering, the way it works is by altering each apps metadata to allow for both devices to be considered as a selected platform.

Keep in mind, not all apps will work well or work at all, as there are certain features of apps that are relative to the device they were programmed for. Also, the hack seems to only work for apps that were purchased on your iPad.

For your convenience, we’ve included both the zip file for iTelepad2Pod, and the how-to guide on how to get the program up and running. Enjoy!

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