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At risk of sounding like a broken record, lets talk about the iPhone 4S. As some predicted, I won’t say I did, because I really wasn’t sure as I said in my last post about this, but I will say that there ware plenty of people out there who did predict it. Apple unveiled a new iPhone, much in the same line as they did two years ago with the iPhone 3GS. A speed bump, a power bump, and a few new features. While the design didn’t radically change, there were enough changes for people to take notice. The amount of notice became clear on Friday when they went on preorder and promptly sold out. It didn’t take much for people to clamor for the new phone. Whether it was because they had been waiting for the upgrade, or because they just want the newest and greatest, people came out of the woodwork to purchase the new phone. I can only imagine that things will only be even crazier this week when they are actually available in peoples hands.

I have to say, I was surprised at the new features of the phone. Much of it relies on the new and improved iOS 5. The features in the new OS really are going to shine on the new iPhone, but that isn’t really what had me excited.

Siri is something yet to be seen in any other markets. As always, Apple has found a way to be different than anyone else, in a realm that no one else has touched yet. Voice activation, and even voice dictation are things that are readily available on many other devices and there really isn’t anything special about it. Siri is something different. Siri is one step closer to being self aware. It is an artificial intelligence that literally thinks through all the information on your iPhone and spits it back to you without you having to go searching for it. Asking Siri questions, gets you real results and it thinks it through for you. Meetings don’t get scheduled on top of one another, you can ask what the weather is in your area and get a personalized response. Siri is something we haven’t seen before but in movies.

Apple took a big leap forward with the application and placed it at the heart of their iOS for the new iPhone. This is not only a leap forward for Apple and iPhones, it is a leap forward for technology. The idea of an application thinking things through to such an extent is unparalleled in the mobile world and seeing it come to life in Apple’s hands certainly is something to talk about.


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