iPhone 4S Coming to Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile

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Now everyone can rejoice in the fact that, whatever carrier you use, you’ll be able to finally own an iPhone 4; at least here in the States that is.

With the rumors flying about the next iPhone, tentatively dubbed the iPhone 4S, recent news claims that, finally, after years of speculation, Sprint will now come aboard as the final major US carrier to get the iPhone in its stockpile.

In somewhat of a shocker, news that the newest, yet to be released, iPhone will become available on Sprint now will put an even bigger dent into the smartphone market that’s been increasingly swamped by Android driven phones. In terms of sheer volume, the one biggest drawback for the iPhone was that it, initially, was only available on AT&T’s network. A couple years later, the much anticipated Verizon iPhone came to life and, with news that AT&T would acquire T-Mobile, 3 of the 4 major carriers in the US now would have the iPhone. Now, with Sprint potentially getting the iPhone, this levels the playing field, so to speak, as now iPhone’s and Droid’s are available on all major US carriers. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and if the legions of current Droid users will defect or stay strong with their Android devices.

News surrounding the iPhone 4S continue to swirl as to what specs it’ll have. The top rumors on the mill are that the next iPhone, or iPhone 4S;

1. Will be dual band capable operating on both the CDMA and GSM network

2. May finally be HSPA+ capable allowing for use on faster carrier networks

3. Updated rear camera (8.0 MP)

4. Dual core A5 chip (same as the one used in the iPad 2)

5. And, hopefully, 64GB capacity. (This really isn’t a rumor but more of a wish. Highly doubt we’ll see this though)

Personally, I’ll wait for iPhone 6, or 5…or whatever the hell comes after this next one. Seeing as this update to the iPhone is relatively minor, I’m hoping (guessing) Apple will have something sick planned for the iPhone to be released in 2012. Which, by the way, is when I so happen to be eligible for upgrade :) . As news continues to swirl about what the next iPhone will have/be called, I’m waiting ever so patiently to find out what news there is for the iPhone 6 due in 2012. Boggles the mind really what Apple could potentially have in store for that one but, this news is nothing to shun as it finally brings the iPhone into the entire US market.

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