iPhone 4S Recap

Posted In Apple news - By Joon On Thursday, October 6th, 2011 With 0 Comments

Here is a quick recap of all specs of the new iPhone 4S:

  • Siri: This is the biggie out of all the new features. This is basically the most intelligent voice command that has ever come up on an iPhone or any other phone for that matter. With Siri, you are basically able to have a conversation with you phone. When you tell your phone a command, it will do it for you. If you ask it a question, it will answer it for you. Siri is going to be the killer new feature on this iPhone.
  • 8 MP Camera: This new iPhone comes loaded with a camera that is supposed to be among the best on a mobile device. Apple even went as far as a claim to say that it will be the best camera that many of their users have ever had, including on many point and shoot cameras.
  • A whole load of spec upgrades: This iPhone is boosted up in processor speed and for AT&T, 3G will be able to rival the speeds of those on HSPA+, or what AT&T and calls 4G until they launch their LTE network later in the year

Are you disappointed in the iPhone 4S?

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