iPhone 5 Camera Part Leaks

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It has been rumored since the start of the iPhone 5 rumors that the next iPhone would have an 8 megapixel camera. These rumors seem to be coming to fruition and also seem to lead at other things about the next generation iPhone as well.

While there have been a couple of part leaks in the last couple of weeks, none of them have told us anything about the potential design of the next generation iPhone. These leaked pictures of a camera for the next generation iPhone were recently leaked and have the potential to tell what the next iPhone could possibly look like.

From iDB:

9to5Mac passes on these photos of “leaked” iPhone 5 parts. The images were originally published by Greek-iPhone.com, and depict a high-resolution camera module with an LED flash and a modified audio cable.

Although we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple’s new smartphone will be sporting an upgraded 8MP camera, we haven’t seen any hard evidence of that yet. And while the image above is far from confirmation, it does lend support to the theory.

“The camera can see in the photo is quite different from that of the previous generation iPhone. The new camera is round and seems more megapixels.”

So what do you guys think about this leaked iPhone 4 part?



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