iPhone 5 Case Bonanza

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iPhone 5 cases are leaking out everywhere, yet there has been no evidence past that of any sort of iPhone 5. Despite there being no parts or any other sort of evidence that there would be an iPhone, there has been only been cases coming out for this supposed iPhone with a lot more information coming out about a potential iPhone 4S.

Fro the last couple of weeks, there has been a decrease of people who think that Apple is going to be announcing two brand new iPhones at their event. The majority of the tech community feels as if the only iPhone we are going to be seeing is the 4S, a minor upgrade of specs with no cosmetic change to the iPhone 4′s all glass design.

Some analysts and pundits are writing off the iPhone 5 as fiction due to the extremely small amounts of component leaks. The interesting thing about this is that the only things that have come out about the iPhone 5 have been from case companies, who have not leaked anything other than Otterbox packaging regarding the iPhone 4S.

According to sources though, the cases shown above have shipped into AT&T stores. These cases are remarkably similar to the iPhone 5 cases that have been coming in the recent weeks.

Something really odd is going on surrounding this iPhone 5/4S event. Will we be only seeing one iPhone? Two iPhones? Leave your thoughts down below.

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