iPhone 5 Event to be last of Steve Jobs?

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By now, you probably know the major news about Steve Jobs and how he has resigned his position as CEO at the company. Since then, one of the questions that has been most frequently asked about the future of the company is whether we have seen out last SteveNote. Jobs’ keynotes are usually among the best in the industry and are major part of the excitement when Apple releases a new product.

While Tim Cook is more than capable of running the company on a day to day basis, but there is no way that he can possibly match Jobs’ creative and showmanship qualities when announcing a new product.So what is going to happen when the next iPhone is announced? Who exactly is going to take the keynote reign?

With the iPhone 5 announcement inevitably coming in a couple weeks, one of the big questions surrounding the events has been who is going to announce the next phone from the company. Would it be Cook? Johnny Ive? Speculation around the web has it that this iPhone 5 event may be Job’s curtain call and his departure from the Apple PR events.

From iDB:

With that in mind, the iPhone 5 announcement is expected to take place within the next few weeks. And there has been some rumblings around the web that the retired CEO might make an appearance.

The newly-named Chairman of the Board of Directors might take the stage one last time at the upcoming iPhone event. The move would certainly calm nervous investors, and the extra media attention wouldn’t hurt.

But you also have to expect that Tim Cook will be highly visible. You know, because he’sthe new CEO, and Apple wants to prove that the company is just fine without Jobs at the helm.

Obviously, a Jobs-Cook combo would be the perfect balance, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. Maybe Tim Cook won’t be the visible CEO that Jobs was. Maybe Jobs stays away from the event to avoid overshadowing the products, or undermining Cook.

I’m not in the minority hoping to see Job’s at that iPhone 5 announcement.



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