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As the release date of the iPhone 5 looms closer and closer, we have to wonder what features will be included. We’ve heard many rumors about the included features with the iPhone 5, such as an 8MP camera. In this article, I will totally inform you about all that will supposedly be included in the new iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5th generation. At the end of each rumored category, I will give my thought on if the rumor is not going to happen (0%), Doubtful (1-49%), Questionable (50%), Probable (51-99%) and Certain (100%).

RELEASE DATE: Recently announced, Apple will have their annual music event on September 21st, (With invitations going out to the press on September 14th, and will give the opportunity for pre-orders on September 28th. The official release date of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation is October 7th. The dates are very true, and are very liable, and I can guarantee you that these are official dates. I’ll say that these are Probable dates (around 89%).

PROCESSOR: As seen in the iPad 2’s components, the iPhone 5 will definitely have the new dual-core Apple A5 processor. This will also be included in the iPod touch 5th generation, as is sure to be one of the best mobile processors on the market today. I will say that this rumor is very much credible, and is 100% going to be included. This is definitely certain.

CAMERA: The camera in the iPhone 5 has obviously been rumored for a while that it will include a new 8MP camera (as opposed to the iPhone 4’s 5MP camera). I personally think that the camera in the iPhone 4 was good enough, and would always produce high quality photos, but It will be nice to have even MORE high quality photos, and on a mobile phone no less! I have to say that this rumor is Probable, due to unconfirmation, but has showed prototypes of the new camera, but be expecting an 8MP camera in the next iPhone and iPod touch(around 95 percent).

DISPLAY: As we have all seen from the pictures, the iPhone 5 is predicted to have a larger screen. This would be a great addition to the iPhone as it can compete with the Nadroid phones that boast a larger screen. Although this would be a nice extension, I just couldn’t imagine having a large display, with how thin it would be. Also, if you are holding it in your palm, you would be accidentally pressing things due to the expanded display, while you are try to reinforce it with your thumb. As this has not been confirmed, and I just can’t see it happening, I’m going to say that this rumor is defined as Questionable.

STORAGE: Recently, we have only seen 16GB, and 32GB for the newer iPhones, and 8/32/64 for the new iPod touches. There is a rumor that Apple will extend the iPod touch’s memory to 128GB, which I see as a pack of smelly lies. But, I do believe that they could possibly extend the iPhone’s memory to 64GB. It would be a great idea to give customers more memory to work with such as people who download hundreds of apps. I have to say that the iPod touch getting 128GB of space is definitely not going to happen, but the probability of the iPhone 5 getting 64GB of space is definitely possible, but since I have seen no confirmation, or shots, I’m going to say it’s doubtful that they will extend the memory (around 45%).

WRAP-UP: I have to say that most of the rumors that I’m hearing seem to be proven, and will certainly all be possible (except for that 128GB of storage one). Without further ado, this is what I believe will be in the iPhone 5. (More features could be included at the keynote)

Release Date is October 7th

Will include the new Apple A5 Dual-Core Processor

Will have an 8MP Camera

MIGHT have a larger display

PROBABLY WON’T have an extended memory

That is the rumor roundup of the new iPhone 5 heading into one of the most exciting times of the year. It will sure be a great update from the iPhone 4. I am definitely excited, and it should be one of the greatest Apple events in history due to former CEO Steve Job’s last keynote as CEO.

Will you be getting the iPhone 5?



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