iPhone 5 Predictions

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This is the third installment of iPhone 5 predictions that I have done in the last six months. With each version, a lot has changed. I thought it was a virtual lock that Apple would be creating an iPhone 4s instead of an iPhone 5 with the design being the virtually the same and only a spec upgrade.

The next one, I took the side that Apple would be changing the design, but I had not clue to what. The specs didn’t change in general but I didn’t think anything drastic would take place.

In this final version of iPhone 5 predictions, I am going to go into what I expect to see with the next version of the iPhone.

There have been the case leaks that came out a while back, and in general, case leaks are generally pretty accurate. The case leaks that came preceding the iPad 2 were completely accurate to the spot. This case design show a more iPod touch like rounded back, or at least tapered edges. In addition, the case itself was taller and wider than the current iPhone which basically means that the phone is going to have a larger screen. One thing that is being disputed however is how big the home button is going to be.

There have people that said they expect the next iPhone to have a larger, touch sensitive button. With the wider button, the phone would be able to sense gestures on the button, allowing the phone to follow based on commands through the button. For example, a swipe up on the button could possibly bring up the multitasking bar or a swipe down could bring down Notification Center.

One interesting thing that Apple included in iOS is flash notifications, which would mean the flash on the back of the phone would flash when you received a notification. However how practical is having the flash on the back of your phone? It is only reasonable to expect to get flash on the front of the front in order to notify whether or not you have a notification. It only makes sense considering the revamp of notifications in iOS 5 and the feature in the system.

This feature, I think, is practically a lock as well. In the current market, the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen is really small. With phones such as the Samsung Infuse having 4.5 inch screens, the iPhone screen is just too small now. Having the same resolution screen on a 4 inch screen wouldn’t technically reduce the quality of the screen. While the pixel density wouldn’t be the same, the display would undoubtedly be gorgeous, like Apple displays usually are.

Internally, expect a much faster phone. With bigger phone, expect a bigger battery. The extra battery would undoubtedly help the iPhone’s already pretty solid battery life.

You can also expect to the A5 processor on the iPhone 5. The dual core processor would really provide a substantial speed boost for the phone.

In addition, the vibrate switch has been moved to the opposite side of the phone according to the case designs that have leaked. I personally dont see why Apple would do this, but they probably have some sort of reason.

Also expect to see an improved camera, both on the front and back of the phone. An 8 MP camera is probably expected on the back and it would be nice if Apple provided FaceTime HD cameras on the front of the phone.

A revised antenna design is also probably expected for the phone after last years Antenna-Gate debacle.

What do you think is going to be on the next iPhone? Leave your thoughts below.

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