iPhone 5 Predictions

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I think this is about the third time I have done an iPhone 5 predictions article. Each one has been vastly differently due to the fact that there have been new bunches of rumors that come up as time move on. This is basically a compilation of all the rumors that have been coming out about the next iPhone. Here are my thoughts on each.

Thinner/New Radical Design

So there have been a bunch of iPhone 5 cases coming out recently out of China and some people have been discounting these cases from being reality. However if you flash back to earlier this year, you may have seen that iPad 2 cases were leaking out months ahead of the actual release of the product. I think, once again, that these cases are for real and are representative of what the next iPhone is going to look like. China doesn’t mass manufacture iPhone or iPad cases without knowing that these specs for the phone are really accurate. I think these cases are for real. The phone looks to have a tapered design, vibrate switch moved to the other side of the phone and just an overall slimmer design. In addition, these cases hint at a..

Bigger Screen

I think this is quite over due for the iPhone. If you see some of the recent Android phones such as the behemoth Samsung Infuse, which has a 4.5 inch screen, the big screen is a trend as our phones have practically become our secondary computer. The iPhone currently has one of the smallest screens on the market and Apple desperately needs to raise the bar with a retina display capable 4 inch iPhone 5. A bigger screen would not only allow for better entertainment, but it would allow for better productivity. In addition, having a bigger screen would make multitasking gestures much easier to use on an iPhone and might actually make it practical.

At least 8 MP Camera

The iPhone 4 has become the most popular camera in the world. The iPhone recently took the lead as being the camera where most pictures come from on Flickr. The iPhone and many other phones have made the point and shoot camera worthless. Why carry two when you have a very capable one? An 8 MP camera would allow for really great pictures. With the camera app getting even better in the next iPhone, it seems logical that Apple will take the next step with their next iPhone.

FaceTime HD Camera

This one I am kind of iffy about because Apple did not implement a FaceTime HD camera into the new MacBook airs. Why would an iPhone have something a MacBook doesn’t? I think Apple will start to really push FaceTime hard starting next year as Lion has made all Macs FaceTime capable. If Apple really wants to push FaceTime hard, they really need to upgrade the front facing camera.

A5 Processor

This one is kind of a given. The iPhone 4 had the same specs as the original iPad so it would make complete sense for Apple to introduce the A5 processor into the next iPhone.

What do you guys think will be in the next iPhone? Leave thoughts below.

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