iPhone 5 Spy Shots Leak?

Posted In iPhone - By Joon On Thursday, August 18th, 2011 With 0 Comments

With the release of the next iPhone due to be released in the next month or two, it is almost imminent that the next iPhone will begin to have leaks soon, whether it be parts or cases. This leak is really interesting, as it is a purported leaked shot of the manufacturing plant of where the next iPhone is being put together.

As the announcement comes closer and closer, factory sources and cell phone executives will become more and more prominent and reliable as some of these people may have snuck a peek at the next generation iPhone.

This picture you see above is a supposed shot of an smart phone factory and the phone you see is supposedly the next iPhone.

The home button seems to be somewhat elongated, supporting rumors that the home button is going to be the home to new touch gestures for the button. While it is hard to tell whether or not the screen size is bigger, to me, it seems to be a little wider to me. I would love to see a larger home button on the next iPhone.

This photo was leaked by Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter and many sites, such as 9to5Mac, think that this may be legitimate.

What do you guys think about the leaked picture? Leave your thoughts below.

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