New iPhone and iPod Touches Show up in Inventory

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It is a given that Apple is going to be announcing a new iPhone at their press event on October 4th. What is is in question however is what extra they will announce. Will they be announcing another iPhone alongside the iPhone 5? Are they going to be adding a white iPod Touch to their iOS lineup?

There are reports coming out that there are five new items showing up in Apple’s inventory The first three devices appear to be iPod touches while the other two are iPhone, yes two iPhones.

“Three new iPod touch models have appeared in the system with the codename n81A. N81 is the codename for the fourth-generation black iPod touch, so the A likely represents the string of the three new white models. Since there are only three new models  - at this time – it’s likely that the black models won’t be updated.”

There is more and more evidence piling up that there is going to be a white iPod touch coming out at the event in the coming weeks. There has been leaks of a white iPod Touch front plate. This is most likely going to be joining alongside the current black iPod touch and mirroring the color options of the iPhone.

Now for more on the two iPhones.

“Even more interesting are the two new iPhone SKUs that have showed up in the system. The catch is that these two SKUs are actually marked as tweaked iPhone 4s. The new device’s codename is N90A and this represents very minor changes from the iPhone 4 — which is the N90. In fact, this may be an iPhone 4 — an 8GB version as previously rumored.”

I cannot wait for October 4th.

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