Could The iPhone Nano Really Be Happening?

Posted In Apple news - By Ben On Friday, July 1st, 2011 With 0 Comments
There’s been speculation about it before, but recent rumors seem even stronger than ever – an iPhone Nano may really be showing it’s face at the iPhone 5 launch, which will likely be in the fall – September 7th, say the latest rumors. 

We’ve all heard the rumors of an iPhone Nano, which also goes by many other names including iPhone Mini. However, now the rumors are coming faster than ever – Apple may truly be launching not one but TWO phones at this coming event. Maybe that’s what took so long? Speculation says that there will be the long-awaited iPhone 5, with all the latest and greatest features and updates that we’ve been guessing at for the last year. But lately there has been gossip that we might be seeing an iPhone Nano, which will instead be called the iPhone 4S, as well – which is not so much a major iPhone 4 upgrade, but a smaller iPhone made from cheaper materials – plastic instead of glass? – and less powerful internals, but a much cheaper price point designed to beat back the Android with a cheap but still good iPhone.

Other rumors saying the phones might be available on the other two US carriers – T-Mobile and Sprint – suggest a considerably larger available use base. I think we can expect a greatly expanded availability and even bigger iPhone sales numbers rivalling Android. Fall is looking pretty good right about now!

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