iPod Touch With 3G Could Be On The Way

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When the iPad came out, Apple released a Wi-Fi, and 3G version but now, Apple is looking to copy that with their best selling product, the iPod touch. This would definitely be a step up, and would increase profits highly for those who don’t want the pricey iPhone plan, but can download calling and texting apps to use over 3G.

Another reason to why this could be happening is because of the introduction of iCloud, where you can backup all of your data through it. With the 3G connection, that means all iDevices would be able to use iCloud on the go. It certainly seems like a good marketing idea to me.

But, this also means they could possibly increase the price of the iPod by about a hundred dollars, but they would still have the Wi-Fi only version for sale at regular price. But, many people have still purchased the 3G model. Obviously not more than the Wi-Fi version, but enough to keep making it.

If this product goes through, it will probably be introduced along with the iPhone 5 during the beginning of Apple’s fiscal year in September. The iPhone 5’s scheduled release date is September 7th, so I’m guessing that the refresh of the iPods will be released a little before, or after the release of the iPhone 5. I’m guessing that the pricing for the 3G model will be somewhere around 350 for an 8GB model. Remember that this is not completely confirmed, but very well could happen. I would expect that all of these new products would be announced and previewed at Apple’s music event in late August.

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