Are iTunes Purchases Really a Good Deal?

Posted In Apple news - By Lane On Thursday, April 21st, 2011 With 1 Comment

All of us have probably purchased an app, movie, or song on iTunes or the App Store. After buying many apps and songs, it left me wondering “Am I really getting what I pay for?” Now I’ll break down my thoughts on the pricing of iTunes and the App Store.

The first category is apps. Most of them are free, but most of the really useful ones are paid. This is also the case with many games. I have seen games on the App Store that range up to ten dollars! Not many of us are that “rich” to buy all the apps we want. That’s why I think apps are totally overpriced.

The second category is the main purpose of iTunes. Songs. I’ve also bought many songs from iTunes, and they are always the highest quality of all media stores. What I don’t understand is the reason for the $1.29 price for popular songs. I know they’re just trying to make more money, but it’s just a money-grubbing move from Apple. But, I do like the 69 cent songs. I bought one of my favorite songs as a kid (Stacy’s Mom) for 69 cents! Usually songs are at the right price, but can sometimes get way out of hand.

The third and final category is Movies and TV Shows. I usually head to iTunes when I’m about to go on a long trip. I buy about three episodes of “The Office” to watch on the way. These are about $3.99 per show which is not too bad. But sometimes, it can really eat up your account, even though they are like 20 minute shows. But it can still be a good deal.

Well, my final verdict is yes, and no. Most of us probably don’t by the iPhone just for the phone, or the iPod touch for the music. But, iTunes is good with all categories of multimedia, but can be on the expensive side at times. I would say to get most of your songs off CD’s first before you want to fork over a dollar for one song.

Also, I love to hear your feedback. Positive or negative. Please give me your opinions so I can improve my writing to where you guys would like it. What are your guys’ opinions on the iTunes multimedia store? And how much money have you spent on the iTunes store?


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  1. Tariq says:

    Just FYI, the $1.29 price for new release / popular songs was in no way Apple’s idea. They were trying to talk to labels down to $0.69 for everything, but the major labels weren’t having it. They initially made a deal for $1.29 as long as the songs were higher quality (iTunes Plus 256kbps AAC) and then that trickled down to the entire store.

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