Top 16 Must Have Jailbreak Apps

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Yes, yes, it’s yet another must-have list for JB apps. but unlike others, there will be no Top 10 or Top 5 must haves in my list since each person’s needs are different. I’ve been JB’d for almost two years now and have seen quite a few great apps, as well as hordes of crappy apps. The list below includes some of my favorites that I either cannot live without or are simply really cool. Hope you enjoy :)


I have over 150 apps on my phone and simply putting them on separate pages just doesn’t cut it anymore. With either of these apps, I’m now able to dump however many apps in a folder as I want. With the stock setup, you’re only allowed 12 apps in each folder. With these apps, you now put an unlimited number of apps in your folders and, with FolderEnhancer, you can have folders within folders which makes for very nice categorization of your apps. Infinifolders will simply increase the number of apps in your folder so if you have more than 12, you’ll be able to scroll through your folder to select the app you want.


Even if you’re not a heavy text/SMS user, you’ll still want to pick this up. There is both a free, ad supported version as well as full version which removes the ads. This app, really, is what the stock iOS messaging app should’ve been. It’s great that it’ll allow you to customize your SMS with a variety of features like schdeuled delivery, automatic retries, Quick Compose/Reply as well as a signature for your SMS’s. One of the main benefits I get from this app is the ability to launch the Quick Reply/Compose within any app. With the stock iOS setup, you have to exit what you’re doing, open the SMS app and then reply. BiteSMS will allow you to shoot the Quick Reply/Compose wherever/whenever you want without having to stop what you’re doing. There are other SMS apps out there however BiteSMS is the best setup for me.


If you have an iPhone 4, one of the biggest features of that is the ability to FaceTime with other iPhones/Mac/iPad users. The only limitation of this is that you need to be on a WiFi network in order to FaceTime. The apps above all trick your phone into thinking it’s on a WiFi even though it’s not and simply uses your 3G connection instead. This allows you to FaceTime anywhere you have a 3G connection which is nice. 3GU and My3G are more valuable in my opinion as they allow any app you have that requires a WiFi connection, to work using your 3G connection instead. FaceBreak is specifically for FaceTime only so depending on what your needs are, get what best suits you.


For those of you always on the move or looking to lighten your bandwidth usage might find these apps of use. iOS 4.3+ allowed iPhone users to natively tether, or use their phone data plan as a wireless hotspot for things like iPads/laptops/etc. Only problem is that you have to pay extra for it AND if you’re on an unlimited plan, you have to give that up and drop to a capped data plan. But, for those of us with unlimited data plans, I deem these apps as a must have since it’ll allow you to hotspot anywhere you have a connection. This is useful if you’re at the airport or hotel (without a WiFi connection) or anywhere else you need to pay for bandwidth or if you simply want to consolidate your data usage and drop your home connection or something. Now, with these apps specifically, there is a caveat emptor. AT&T/Verizon have been cracking down on illegal tethering users so this app is a bit of a gamble in some aspects. A lot of people have been lucky and not been caught while others have been caught and have been forced, by their respective provider, to either stop or automatically be enrolled in a capped data/tethering plan. I think the best solution here is to use this in moderation and to keep in mind your data usage history with your provider. If you’ve normally been using 1GB of data per month then buy this app and suddenly shoot up to 10GB’s of usage, yeah, your provider is going to think something is fishy. So, great app, just be careful how you use it.


For me, this isn’t quite a must-have app however it does make things a lot easier if you’re one of those people who jailbreak their phones solely to add themes/icons/widgets to it. While you can upload these files to your iPhone either by USB or SSH, for the widgets specifically, you’ll need to edit the html files in order to get the correct weather data or edit some other aspect of the widget. Without iFile, you need to locate the file in question, download it to you desktop, edit it, and then upload it again on to your phone. While that might not sound like a huge headache, do this enough times and you’ll be looking for an easier way to accomplish this in a heart beat. iFile will allow you to browse all the root files on your phone as well as edit most files right on your phone without the need of downloading/uploading countless times.


There is a lot of hate/love for this tweak. Some will say that it’s a battery hog, causes the springboard to crash and, overall, just sucks. Others will say this is the simplest, easiest way to manage all your themes and such on your phone. I’m on the side of this being much much easier for all users. Winterboard is basically your settings app for all your themes as well as some of your mods/tweaks that you download from Cydia. Personally, I’ve never had any issues with Winterboard crashing or killing my battery however I know others out there who have experienced such issues. Specifically for icons or signal/wifi themes, if you don’t have Winterboard installed, then you’d need to locate and replace every single file manually in order to make the changes you want. With Winterboard, it simply overwrites them so the default images/files stay intact and your custom theme shows up. Again, may not be for everyone however, if you’re a n00b, I’d recommend you use this for a little while, get the hang of things and, if you don’t like it, simply uninstall and revert to your normal method of theming.

Honorable Mentions

The above list is only a sampling of apps I believe are essential to your jailbroken iPhone. However there are hundreds of other apps/tweaks/mods that are out there that may or may not be of use to you. While I don’t consider many of them crucial, they do make your phone operate better or provide that tiny little something you think you needed for your phone.

Springtomizer – For those of you looking to trick out your phone with icons, themes, or whatever, this app is essentially the Swiss army knife of jailbreak apps. A lot of the customization apps mentioned above are replicated in this app so you can change your icon layouts, change your carrier logo, shrink icon sizes, etc, all from one app. From last check, there are some bugs that need to worked out which is no surprise considering all the things you can change with this app.

SBSettings – Provides quick access to numerous toggles for apps on your phone such as Data, Brightness, WiFi, etc and lets you easily turn them on/off without trolling through the settings app.

Activator – Allows you to launch specific apps with a wide range of gestures on your phone. Easily activate your LED flashlight with a shake of the phone or launch your SMS app by double tapping the status bar.

RemoveBackground – In conjunction with Activator, allows you to close out all apps running in the background without the need of opening up the multi-tasking bar and manually closing each one out.

Pull to Refresh Mail & Safari – Nifty little mod that allows you to refresh your mail or Safari page by swiping down on your phone screen.

BytaFont – Simple apps that allows you to change the default font on your phone.

MultiIconMover – Those of you with hundreds of apps on your phone will LOVE this app as it allows you to move multiple apps at once on your phone.

SnowCover4 – Cool lockscreen tweak that displays your current song. Also supports gestures so you can control your iPod right from your lcokscreen.

UAFaker – Hate visiting mobile websites on your iPhone? This tweak tricks the website you’re visiting into thinking you’re viewing it from your laptop/desktop browser. Pages will take a little longer to load but you’ll see them in full instead of the cut down, plain looking mobile site.

So, yeah, there’s my list of jailbreak apps. I’m sure lots of you are wondering where this app is or where that app is in my list. It’s probably ‘cuz I don’t need it, don’t know about it or don’t care for it since it’s not my cup of tea. But, as I mentioned earlier, this list is subjective so different people will different needs for their phone. What about you? Any favorite apps you got that aren’t on the list?

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  1. matt says:

    The only one I have that is not on that list is MXtube.

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