To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak, that is the Question

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Scales of justice

It is no question, all Apple fans and iOS users who like to delve into their devices 100%, wait with bated breath for each jailbreak. Another chapter of the cat and moust game gets revealed with every release. It is always fun to watch the twitter posts about when it might come, and see the power users start to foam at the mouth thinking of all the things they are going to do to their device.

And then the day comes. Finally it is released in all its glory and users rush out to download the newest cracking software and load it up on their device. Recently it even adds a little fun for it to be as simple as going to it almost adds a sense of ‘haha, I win’ to just be able to visit a website in mobile safari, and moments later, be jailbroken.

Like many of my cohorts, I too immediatly upon hearing that the webiste was live, rushed to grab my iPad and hit the button. And there was a moment of quiet. The download was done, and there sat Cydia on my desktop. I opened it, it worked quickly, taking advantage of the dual core processor in my iPad 2, downloaded the updates, set up the final pieces…and it was over. I closed Cydia, and went back to reading my book in iBooks. I sat there for a moment and tried to think of what it was I wanted to jailbreak the device for. What my rush to get to the system files was. I’m not one to download cracked apps. I won’t lie and say I have never done it, but I don’t do it for long periods of time. When I download one, it is to test it out and see if I want to purchase it. If it is something worth my time and money, I delete the cracked version and pay for it honestly. I don’t like to idea of stealing from my fellow geek community users. It just doesn’t sit right with me, but enough of my soap box, I’ll move on.

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So there I was, with a jailbroken device, ready to be changed and tweaked to my heats content, and yet I did nothing. What else was I going to add to it? My iPad has served me well for months now, has done every task I have asked of it, and failed at nothing. What could I possibly need to do to it outside of Apple’s bounds? I realized that part of my excitement to jailbreak it, had been nothing more than the fact that we had waited so long for an iPad 2 jailbreak at all. Not the reality of what we would do with it.

And this is where I sit. I still have not figured out what I am going to do with my jailbroken iPad. It has yet to fail me even in the smallest task, or come up short where I have needed it. So I find myself at a quandry. A wonderfully working device, waiting my ANY command, and yet I can’t think of what I would do to it even given the chance.

So if you find yourself contemplating jailbreaking your device, take a step back, and really think about it. Do you need it? Is there something that you really want you iPad or iPhone to do that it doesn’t do already? Be clear about what you want out of the device before cracking it wide for the world to see.


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