Leaked iPhone 5 Part Pictures

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Recently, many pictures of the iPhone 5 have been floating around the web (you can see our spy shot article here) and two have certainly come to my attention. There are new photos of the iPhone 5’s camera, and new battery that is built in to the iPhone. It looks like there will not be an interchangeable battery this time. There is also a picture of the front facing camera, proximity sensor, and headphone jack.

Upon further inspection, the iPhone 5’s camera looks very similar in comparison to the iPhone 4’s. Sony leaked a couple of months ago that they will have an 8MP camera in the iPhone 5, and I have to say I still believe it will. Also, it looks like the battery will be more efficient from the iPhone 4’s. It will have a 5.3 Whr, opposed to the iPhone 4’s 5.25.

I found these pictures at a site known as tvc-mall.com. You will find all of the pictures leaked in the previous link to the website. The site is reliable, and I believe the pictures are real. The iPhone 5 should have all of these exact parts built into it.

Also, it looks like the audio flex cable looks very different from the one used in the iPhone 4. Perhaps it will improve greatly in terms of the audio in the video shot by the iPhone 5’s camera. The iPhone 5 is confirmed in early October along with the iPod touch 5th generation which should include ALL features in the iPhone 5. Production has already started, so parts have already been shipped out, so know we know for sure that the pictures a for real.

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Do you think these photos are real?


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