LogMeIn for iPad Review

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LogMeIn is a tool in which someone can access one of their computers through another. LogMeIn brought out an app for the iPhone last year called ‘LogMeIn Ignition’. Basically, for around a $35 one-time payment (pretty steep, I know), you can access your computer through your iPhone. So thats it, right? No. There’s also software you have to install on your computer. If you got it for free, everytime you logged on to your computer, you would be prompted to ‘Go Pro’; something you dont need to do unless youre a business person. (Going pro includes more file storage and a speedier experience.

However, with this new LogMeIn app, both pieces of software are free to install, and you can be browsing through your PC and Mac’s files in no time. If you have an iPad 3G, you can access it from wherever you are; as long as your computer isnt shut down. It really is a great idea from the company.

As with many great ideas, however, there are flaws. The app can sometimes crash upon loading, and your connection with the computer sometimes drops out. Sometimes it will tell me my computer is offline, when it obviously isn’t.

Its User Interface is great, and the app is easy to use for even the greatest technophobe. Simply log-in with your account, tap the computer you want to hook up to and there you go; youre surfing in no time.

It looks good too, the colour scheme is more of a warm blue, and comes with a sense of proffesionalism about it. And i love it when an app is well put together.

I would reccomend you download this app while it is free, because it is simply brilliant; The few flaws wont stop you from having a good time with it.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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