Everyone Loves the New iPad

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You might have been a little nervous a few weeks or so ago when Consumer Reports was talking badly of the new iPad, everyone was complaining about heat issues, and it seemed the battery wasn’t charging all the way. However, it would seem all these complaints were just a few big companies like Consumer Reports doing a bit of grumbling. Recent studies show that 98% of early iPad 3 adopters are satisfied with their new purchase.
ChangeWave Research conducted a survey of recent purchasers of the new iPad, and the satisfaction rate has been through the roof – higher, in fact, than any other Apple device before it. 82% of new iPad owners found that they were ‘Very Satisfied’ with the device, while 16% found that they were ‘Somewhat Satisfied”. In fact, the study also found that 89% of consumers said that there was no heat issue – it seems like a big deal was made of almost nothing.
The study also ranked consumer’s favorite features on their new iPad 3. 75% of buyers ranked the new Retina display as their favorite feature, while 20-22% believed that the new LTE speed options were the best. Overall, it seems as though the new iPad, despite it’s awkward name and heat issues, has been a huge success for Apple. Don’t let the surplus of iPad supply and lack of lines mislead you – the iPad 3 has been flying off the shelf, and consumers have been loving it.


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