Massive Giveaway: iPhone 4 (Verizon or AT&T), iPad, Apple TV 2, and 3 iPods!

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Enter for free below:

You can get up to 9 tickets for this giveaway.. Follow the steps below.. Each step is worth 1 ticket.

1. Subscribe to my channel (JohnsiPhoneHD)
2. Follow me on twitter
3. Like my facebook page…
4. Thumbs up this video
5. Favorite this video
6. Post ” @JohnsiPhone1 is giving away an iPhone 4, iPad, 3 iPods, and an Apple TV. Enter free. ” to your twitter
7. post above quote to your facebook
8. Suggest ALL of your facebook friends to JohnsiPhone facebook page!
9. Subscribe to the JohnsiPhone YouTube Team
Also leave a comment below! Thank you to everyone who has viewed!

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  1. Dror1010 says:

    Teanks man i hooooooope to win a ipod

  2. shala_darkstone says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I completed the steps above (twitter id: @shala_darkstone; FB name: Maddie Brubaker).

  3. Mel says:

    I REALLY hope I win! I really need a phone!

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  5. JayJP says:

    I really like your website, lots of useful info and i appreciate the free movie downloads for the iphone. I could really use that iPhone 4, I’m stuck in the dark ages with the iPhone 3G that i have. Thanks. PEACE!!!!!!

  6. Alvino Olivas says:

    Dude your awesome. The only person I check out for new info on apple products.

  7. Ken Celik says:

    I would like to win the iphone 4 sim chip model not the Verizon one cause i need the sim chip one to use on T-mobile wireless company. i will do all that is requried to enter and tell everyone to check out ur youtube channels and web site, i will work on that daily cause I really want to win the iphone4 sim chip one. plus i will place the saying every day on my facebook page so i can get as many people to ur site and channels as possible. So please pick me cause i’ll be working hard for you. Thanks Ken Celik,

  8. Ken Celik says:

    oh yeah keep up the good work that you do,its awsome. alot of information about apple products and much more!!! You rock!!!
    Ken Celik…

  9. Ken Celik says:

    listen my brother i need to tell you that you do good work!!! your videos are great,you explain things very well,ur a natural,so keep up the good work and pick me to win the iphone4 ATT&T sim chip model,cause I’m your biggest fan! and I really could use a new iphone4 I’ll never have a chance to buy one,just out my price range. So please pick me to win the iphone4 att&t one,Thanks,Ken…

  10. Ken Celik says:

    I hope I win the AT&T sim chip iphone4 cause I’ve completed all the steps above, and plus posted the where to enter to win address on my messenger and yahoo bookmarks so people can see it and enter. So I did a couple of extra steps to get the info on how to enter the giveaway.
    I really want to win that iphone4 sim chip one very bad.I never had one or will unles I win one,so plz. help o friend in need,Thanks for the opertunity to try. Trying my best to win…Plz keep that in mind…
    it would make a dream come true. Have a good day and keep those videos coming…You Rock…Ken

  11. Ramo says:

    Please I would love to get one of those, I have never owned any of those please, I get you guys more people every day

  12. Jason Perez says:

    i was just wondering when is the actual giveaway, or should i say drawing for the giveaway.

  13. Peter B says:

    Nice video and you are the man for giving so much away. Hope you pick me for any of the sweet prizes. Will be looking forward to your other posts on

  14. E_T_IPhone4 says:

    @JhonsIPhone1 is giving an IPhone 4,IPad,3 IPods,and an Apple TV

  15. austinpowers1124 says:

    @JohnsiPhone1 is giving away an iPhone 4, iPad, 3 iPods, and an Apple TV. Enter free.

  16. kendra says:

    I really hope I win it would be cool to have an ipad or one of the ipods

  17. Marty S says:

    Read your story in the CSUN Sundial the other day. Pretty cool story to hear about how you play collegiate basketball, run multiple websites and still have time for academics. More than likely I’ve seen you on campus and just didn’t know it. Good luck this semester and GO MATADORS!

  18. alejandra anguano says:

    @JohnsiPhone1 is giving away an iPhone 4, iPad, 3 iPods, and an Apple TV. Enter free

  19. Daniel Douvris says:

    Man, congratulations to anyone that wins!
    Thanks for the contest

    -follow me on twitter @jumpman475

  20. taylor says:

    ive wanted an ipod touch for ever i would do anything for it

  21. Kaitlin says:

    Ahhhh you are the best for doing this!!! I hope I win! I already commented on your youtube video before this!! Thanks so much for doing this contest!

  22. Gjorgji says:

    I hope I win an iPhone. I literally have been dreaming it.

  23. Swheano says:

    You are cool. This is the best giveaway i have ever seen yet.
    Thank you so much for doing this..
    I really hope that i can win the Iphone4.. I love it!

  24. Jamal Robinson says:

    I have done Everything and i hope that i win.
    I really Want the Verizon iPhone.

  25. I really hope I win. I’ll be content taking anything to be honest

  26. cameron says:

    did all the steps!! twitter: camXxB3ASTxX

  27. Aracely says:

    how do we know who wins??

  28. ecvr30 says:

    John.! ive seen all of your videos and all that has to do with iphone has helped me alot. Just wanted to say that never quit,keep on going because, you explain really well on your videos and I really like them. Can you please pick me for any of your iDevices because i am also a mega fan of apple and only have the ipod touch so it would be really cool if you picked me for one of your iDevices. O and one thing i wanted to ask you…does your site have a t-shirt.?because i would love one. anyways thanks for your time and please take me in consideration ,ecvr30

  29. John says:

    Hey John i really like your videos and if i do win than email me and my name is also john.

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