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Baseball season is now less than a week away. So what is the must have app for an iBaseball fan? Hands down, it’s At Bat 2011. This is an application that has gotten better every year. It offers 2-3 free live games per day, as well as radio broadcasts (with a choice of listening to the home or away broadcast). In addition to the audio and video, you can follow any game via Gameday; which is a live box score.

New for 2011, MLB allows you to customize for your favorite team. Now, when I open the app, I see the latest Yankees box score with the ability to either watch the game or follow along with the Gameday play-by-play. A great addition to what was already one of my favorite apps.

Of course, MLB also offers the option to watch every game, every team, every day (local blackout rules still apply). With the purchase of a subscription (either $99.99 or $119.99) serious fans can watch on their iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac.

Whether you are a fanatic or just a casual fan, At Bat 2011 is a bargain at $14.99. MLB also offers a free lite version which offers the live Gameday play-by-play, as well as news and video highlights.

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  1. Rob Pace says:

    On iphone 3gs (with updated OS), MLB 2011 refuses to show local time (PST). Every game is listed as ET. Totally annoying and pissing me off… And yes, I’ve checked every possible setting (I think).

  2. Rob Pace says:

    Let me correct that: It shows PST in my team’s schedule, but the League Scoreboard is shown 100% of the time in ET. I like New York, but I don’t need to see my West Coast games are starting at at 10:05 pm ET, $15, I want it perfect.

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