Move2Unlock Lockscreen Tweak

Posted In App Review, Jailbroken Apps - By Louis On Saturday, May 7th, 2011 With 0 Comments

There are tons of tweaks/mods/apps for your lockscreen. There are hundreds of different sliders, tap to unlock lockscreens and a host of other nifty ways to unlock your screen. I thought I had seen some really cool ones until I came across Move2Unlock.

With most lockscreens out there, you have your choice of slide to unlock or tap to unlock methods of unlocking your screen. With Move2Unlock, it allows you a couple, very different, ways to unlock your screen. One of the methods (pictured) is the ability to open your lockscreen just as if you were turning a page in a book. There is also Move Lockscreen, Move Translucent Overlay, Pinch Lockscreen and Pull Badge. Of these, I think the page turning one is the best however the Move Lockscreen is pretty cool as well.

While I don’t normally purchase apps like this, after seeing some videos of the app in action as well as some online user reviews, I just had to check it. Overall, I’m really impressed with this and hope the dev will update this app frequently with new and cooler ways to unlock your screen. Some aspects of the app are still under development but, from what I’ve seen so far with the app, I’m eagerly excited about the new stuff that’ll be available in this app.

The app is available in Cydia for $0.99

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