Noki HD

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Those of you looking for a new theme to run on your jailbroken phone need look no further.

Noki is another 3D icon set that’s available in both an SD and HD version. If you have a White iPhone 4, this set goes perfectly with your phone since all the icons are white. With the release of the White iPhone 4, a new theme was inevitable to match the release of the much anticipated unicorn. FIF7Y, the creator of theme, came through in great style and flair.

The theme is available on and is only $3. In order to get the app, you’ll need to add the following repo in Cydia;

Once added, you’ll need to download the ThemeIt App on your jailbroken phone and then you’ll be able to sign in/download the themes. There are dozens of other themes available on the ThemeIt app as well so keep an eye out for new ones popping up in the app.

If you’re looking for a little more to go along with this theme, there is also a huge support thread here that a lot of user mods and creations that match the overall look and style of Noki. There are some user mod lockscreens, snowcover4 theme as well as a MBex theme. If you wind up getting this theme (and I highly recommend you do) you’ll want to check out the support thread for some other mods that’ll help trick out your phone.


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