iMAME Arcade Emulator in App Store

By Joon | On Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 - No Comments »

Apple’s app approval team seems to be slipping a little bit lately. Just a could of days ago, the team allowed an app called iTether into the App Store that allowed for unlimited tethering for the iPhone. Now this. Apple has admitted iMAME into the App Store and there is a rumor out there that this app is a ROM-playing emulator that doesn’t meet the strick app guidelines set forth....

pod2g Displays iOS 5 Jailbreak

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It’s been in the works for over two months. People have been clamoring for it since the release of the iPhone 4S. While we still may not have a working untethered jailbreak for the iOS 5, it seems that we made be getting closer. Apple has made it significantly harder for hackers to find exploits for their software, but it does not mean it is not possible. Ifamous hacke pod2g has discovered....

iPad 3 Parts Leaking

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The rumored 2012 iPad 3′s release is coming closer and closer. Cydia Blog has discovered a part for the iPad 3 on TVC Mall’s website. The part above is apparently a microphone replacement on the ipad 3 and shows some major changes compared to the iPad 2 microphone, most notable the shape. The new part, when compared with iPad 2, shows a different arrangement in internal circuitry,....

Isaacson to expand Jobs biography

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Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography has been one of the most popular books of 2011. With the passing of the Apple CEO, sales of the book began to sky rocket and it appears Isaacson is planning to release a new version of his book. From 9to5Mac: Walter Isaacson cannot write an alternate ending for Steve Jobs in his famed biography, but the author is entertaining plans to expand the....

More Rumors about iPad 3

By Sean | On Saturday, December 17th, 2011 - No Comments »

Once again, we are seeing the rumor mill start churning out things about the next device that Apple will release. Steve Jobs left Apple with 4 years of product in the pipeline read to go. So we can be assured that the newest iPad that will be hitting the streets at some undesignated time, will be something that Steve had his hands on at some point recently. There are some things that have....

Sprint iPad?

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It would appear that with the newest beta release of 5.1, there is the hint of a new iPad in the system. True to many of their traditions, Apple doesn’t generally release things out of cycle. While this past year has been full of Apple breaking their cycles, there were good reasons for such things to happen. When the 4S was finally released, there was word that the release was delayed....

Steve Jobs Biography tops charts

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Last week, it was reported that Walter Isaacson’s new novel on Steve Jobs reached a major milestone on Amazon. In less than two months, it has become the best selling title for 2011 on the website. After a making a few changes, Amazon re-released its list of top 10 books today and the company figured that Kindle e-books should be figured into the data considering that Kindle books outsell....

O2 launches iPhone 4S Rental Program

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Rental services have become very popular with a lot of things, such as cars, houses, washing machines, furniture and a lot of other things. Almost anything can be leased for a short amount of time and be returned. Now the European-based operator O2 is looking to bring this business model to the smartphone market as it has just announced its new rental program: O2 Lease. With the service,....

Apple Grand Central Station Store has massive opening.

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Apple opened their new store at Grand Central station on Friday to the thrill of a very large crowd that showed up to celebrate the opening of the new Apple Super store. The new Apple store is said to be among the largest Apple stores in the world and was flooded with thousands of customers within the first hour. From 9to5Mac: An incredible new Apple store inside New York City’s landmark....

Apple selling refurbished iPads for very cheap

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Apple premier tablet, the iPad is going on sale. Kind of. Apple has begun selling refurbished units of the tablet for very cheap prices. Customers can save about 80 dollars on an iPad while saving up to 200 dollars on a first generation iPad. Apple very rarely offers deals on stuff such as current-generation on hardware on the iPad 2. If you want to buy an iPad, make sure to jump on this....