PanAmp: A new iPod App?

Posted In App Review - By Joon On Friday, July 15th, 2011 With 0 Comments

I was looking through my iPod app the last couple of days and thought, “Man this is a really bland, boring app.” The thought has probably crossed most of our heads. Its one of the one faults of the iOS app. While I love having a MP3 player on my iPhone, the app is really a boring experience to navigate through to find a song I wan to listen to. However there seems to be an app that is going to be arriving on the App Store that is going to solve these problems and its called PanAmp.

This app will bring a fresh new user interface to a MP3 on the iPhone. It will be a similar comparison between the two MP3 apps as it is between Tweetbot and the official Twitter app. One gets the job done while the other brings a fresh new take on an already functional app.

“Panamp is an evolution of the native iOS music playback application. It’s simple, yet powerful interface allows you to control, browse, list and listen to your music intuitively. Panamp’s operation has a natural and ergonomic feel, which will be picked up instinctively.”

It is worth a thought whether this app will ever actually hit the app store as it is so similar to the current iPod app on the iPhone and Apple does not usually allow apps that mirror what stock apps do into the App Store. Are you excited to see this app if it indeed makes it into the App Store?

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