Photo of Supposed Next-Gen iPhone Leaked

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With the next iPhone supposedly to be announced in either August or September, iPhone prototypes will most likely begin to leak within the next couple of weeks as Apple will most likely begin to put the next generation iPhone into production at Foxconn.

With the next generation iPhone likely to be released on China Mobile, a first for the carrier in China, similar to the Verizon iPhone release, phones have begun to be tested on the carrier. With the next iPhone ready to be released on China’s most popular carrier, a picture of an unknown iPhone has been leaked to the public.

From 9to5Mac:

Chinese-language web site Sohu.comre-published the images which we also included in this article for the sake of discussion. The phone appears to run baseband software with version number 06.10.01, which hasn’t been released yet. It also lacks an IMEI number, just like an iPhone 4 prototype we spotted on eBay. Evaluation devices normally have no IMEI number.

Tim Cook, Chief of Operations at Apple, was recently seen at the China Mobile headquarters a couple of weeks back talking with the CEO of China Mobile, most likely to discuss the partnership of Apple and China Mobile.

The photo seems a little photoshopped and does not seem completely legitimate. What do you think about the “leaked” photo.

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