Take Pictures With Your iPod Nano Wristwatch?

Posted In Apple news - By Ben On Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 With 0 Comments
Recent leaked pictures have shown a cool new feature for the iPod Nano – a camera! Rear facing, of course – no video chatting on the Nanos just yet. But who knows, these micro-sized cameras could change the market! 

The camera itself, as you can see, looks rather like someone screwed a bolt into the back of the Nano – but really, it’s just a hexagon shaped hole surrounded by metal. The other interesting design change, that we can see from here at least, is the lack of a clip on the back. One of the major selling points at the iPod keynote last September was the ease with which you could clip the Nano to your shirt or pants and go running, or any other sort of activity, while being hands free and not having to worry about anything falling out of a pocket. But what happened here? Some people think the new Nano will be held on by a magnetic clip – but for that, you would have to have a magnetic backing, which would be very easy to lose. Some think the Nano will be held on by a wristband, similar to the popular iWatch accessory allowing you to wear your iPod on your wrist. Personally, I think Apple has invented a magical new way to hold your Nano on without need of any such gimmicks – likely only to be revealed to us at the big iPod event in September. Oh well, we’ll have to wait.

We should treat this story with a bit of skepticism – a photo like that wouldn’t be too hard to photoshop. However, a camera in the Nano does seem like a logical step. The older versions had them before, and it isn’t much like Apple to drop features as you go along. So, now we wait to find out more!

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