Preparations for WWDC Underway

Posted In Apple news - By Ben On Friday, June 3rd, 2011 With 0 Comments

Some interesting things have been happening as Apple starts to get ready for it’s big product launches coming on Monday. Rumor has it they’re putting up posters and setting up the new iTunes store.

Some sneaky photographers were peeking in the window of the Moscone Center where WWDC is going to be held, and they saw some interesting posters being put up in preparation for the upcoming event. Most interestingly, a sign showing a picture of a lion plus a picture of iOS 5 plus a picture of a cloud equals WWDC – which pretty much kills the last of our hopes of seeing a new iPhone next week. The event is clearly going to be focused only on Mac OSX Lion, iOS 5, and the new iCloud service. Speaking of iCloud – at least we know what the logo looks like now – you can view it up and to the right. Fittingly, it looks a lot like a picture of the cloud from MobileMe joined with the silvery style of the iSync logo – which makes perfect sense, seeing as it’s pretty much just a hybrid of the two.

The other interesting development yesterday was a sudden crash of the entire iTunes store – including the Mac App Store, and the iOS App store. It lasted about two or three hours – maybe you noticed it? Many users were complaining they could not download anything from any one of Apple’s stores. The only likely causes for this are that Apple is preparing the back-end for the new iCloud service to go online, or that Apple has started shifting data over to the North Carolina data center they recently built – which would also likely be in preparation for iCloud. Either way, all signs point to an imminent iCloud launch! Personally, I’m getting pretty excited – I’ve got way too much music to store on my little 16 gig phone.

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