More Proof of MobileMe Update?

Posted In Apple news - By Ben On Thursday, April 21st, 2011 With 0 Comments

For a long time, Apple has offered a $30 rebate on MobileMe and iWork when you purchase a new Mac. However, Apple has just informed resellers that as of yesterday, April 18th, that offer is ending. What could that mean? Well, the long awaited update to MobileMe of course!

Rumors have flown for several months new about a revamped MobileMe service, which will likely offer a cloud locker to store your music in, likely accessible from iOS devices. Other rumors say that the revamp will, among other things, involve making MobileMe free. Apple took the first step towards this a few months ago when they made Find My iPhone free to anyone who owns an iOS 4 device.

Apple has also stopped selling the boxed versions of the MobileMe service in their retail stores. The boxes didn’t contain much – just some manuals and a code to activate the service. However, the combination of this and the end of the discount make it seem ever more likely that an update is in the works.

Hopefully, we’re going to see the finished product at the next Apple conference – which is in June, unless they schedule a surprise event sooner. They were widely expected to release the new MobileMe at the last event for the iPad, back in March – but no, we were disappointed. Fact or fiction, what do you think?

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