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The new design of the iPhone 4, as well as Apple’s own bumper case, spawned a whole new market for cases. For the first time, users didn’t want to cover the backs of their phones. The glass back and shiny Apple just looked too good. First came the bumper knock-offs and then came the aluminium cases. The first few aluminum products that came out were highly anticipated, but ultimately fell short because of signal problems. Covering the already controversial antenna caused users to have little or even no signal. Amazingly, even knowing about these problems, these cases remained in high demand and enjoyed an unbelievable after-market life on e-bay.

One of the first companies to address the aluminum created signal issue was Atomic. After receiving multiple complaints about signal and GPS issues, they went back to the drawing board. Their plan, they hoped, would be the best of both worlds. A case that kept the look and feel of their popular design but also had no effect on the signal.

Thus, the Atomic Hybrid was born. The two piece, bumper style design went from all aluminum to a combination of Delrin and Aluminum. The piece on the left side of the phone, which covers the antenna, is now made from a Delrin and Graphite composite. The second, smaller, piece remains aluminum. According to reviews and real world use, all of the signal and GPS issues went away. Users finally had what they wanted…a unique, aluminum design which framed the phone, but did not take away from it’s natural beauty or the quality of use.

Atomic offers the composite part in two colors: black and white. The aluminum portion, though, is available in ten colors; including brushed aluminum, gunmetal, black and blue. These color caps can be purchased separately as well ($19.99) so you have the ability to constantly change the look of your phone. I have the black and brushed aluminum combination, and the moment I put it on the phone, I knew I never wanted to take it off. My signal and GPS were unchanged from when I had the bumper. The difference, though, is that this case actually receives compliments. I can’t count the number of times someone asked what kind of case it was and where they could get it.

The case is a bit pricey, at $79.99 plus tax and shipping, but not outrageous. Delrin is not a cheap material, and neither is machined T6 Billet, which is what the aluminum cap is made of. If you are one of those who has spent the last 9 months searching for the perfect case, or just don’t want the same old case that everyone else has, the Atomic may be a perfect fit for you. Check out their website, and see for yourself.

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