RubyRa1n; iOS 4.2/4.3 Jailbreak To Be Announced?

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Ok so we can all agree that when it rains, it usually sucks. In the jailbreak scene, this isn’t the case. In the jailbreak scene, when it Ra1ns, we rejoice. We dance. We worship the Ra1n…maybe not, but I think you get the point.

Just a day or so ago we learned that GeoHot has forecasted another rainstorm, named RubyRa1n.

Now, I’m not saying another 4.2 untethered jailbreak has been released, but we’ve learned that GeoHot registered the domain name RubyRa1n the same day that he registered his most recently released jailbreak tool, LimeRa1n.

LimeRa1n was released back on October 9th ahead of CDev’s jailbreak, GreenPoisOn. Now, just to speculate, there was quite some time between his registering of LimeRa1n’s domain name and the eventual release, and even more time has passed since RubyRa1n. I would venture to say that this provides sufficient enough evidence to hint at RubyRa1n being an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2, or possibly even iOS 4.3. (Or iOS 5?)

There has been no word from GeoHot, as he was rumored to have washed his hands of jailbreaking, which LimeRa1n clearly disproved, but I am nearly willing to bet we see another jailbreak from him soon.

SO, what do you think? Did you use LimeRa1n? Or were you against it like me, after GeoHot jumped the gun on the Chronic Dev Team? Let us know!

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  1. moto says:

    what about you?

    you should have your own team. Yet you became a well known figure of iphone fan.

  2. stuart says:

    hiya john
    john first thanks for your tutorials they are easy to follow im 46 years young so it gets a wee bit harder to follow instructions but thanx to you i can follow now.
    john i see theres i pink rain and now rubyrain can you tell me if they are one and the same, i was holding out for an unlock along wi the jailbreak, can you give me any information on that,one of your recent video’s said you will let us know about an unlock as soon as you hear so im probably best waiting on your video on unlock,thats if one comes out thanx very much john and the rest of your team,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
    PS. i forgot to tell you im on 4.1 iphone 4 can you tell me if i shoul upgrade to 4.2 or stay on my jailbroken 4.1 thanx again………

    • Greg says:

      i was informed directly from a member of the CDev team that Pinkra1n is a fake jailbreak. An unlock for iOS 4.2 is not out yet, however there may be one for iOS 4.1

  3. Ivan says:

    Hey John) i’m keeping an eye on your website but i left for couple weeks so could you tell me please i have Iphone 4G on i.o.s 4.1 (baseband 02.10.04.) and its jaibreaked by limerain and im waiting for unlock so i can use any sim card with it… so has it been announced or not yet?…

  4. Dazz says:

    Limera1n broke my cables. I have composite AV cables to watch movies from my Iphone on my big screen. But because of Limera1n my cables stpped working!!!!! Help

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