More Rumors about iPad 3

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Ipad 3 concept2

Once again, we are seeing the rumor mill start churning out things about the next device that Apple will release. Steve Jobs left Apple with 4 years of product in the pipeline read to go. So we can be assured that the newest iPad that will be hitting the streets at some undesignated time, will be something that Steve had his hands on at some point recently.

There are some things that have started floating around the internet. A thicker iPad, due to the retina display that is going to be added. Personally, I don’t see this happening. I feel that Apple may have prototypes that have a thicker back, or maybe a case that holds the iPad differently, but I doubt that Apple will go reverse and make a thicker device. The technology world at the moment is a race to the bottom as far as thickness and size of the devices. While screen size, or screen resolution may be the reverse, physical size of the devices, is a race to the bottom. Who can make the most powerful device that is the smallest size? I don’t see Apple going backwards in that respect. Having a thicker iPad would not be visually appealing, and Apple doesn’t like that.

Whatever Rumors that are floating around at the moment, I don’t see a lot of credibility yet. Everything is getting thinner and smaller at the moment, releasing a new, more powerful device, that was thicker, would be bad in my opinion. I know for myself, I would never purchase a thicker device. Even if it meant having a retina display. I like my iPad 2, it does what I need it to do. I don’t know that I will upgrade if that is what I will have to sacrifice to get a new one.



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