Sharp providing iPad 3 LCD’s

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There has recently been a pick up in the rumors for the iPad 3 release. According to various sources, the iPad 3 retina displays will be provided by Sharp, one of the leading makers of LCD televisions.

Sharp will be providing the new retina display for the iPad 3. In addition, the next generation iPad will also feature a faster processor. Apple has apparently struck a billion deal with Sharp for the company to provide the clear screen displays for the next generation iPad.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The person also said Apple is also investing in facilities at Sharp’s panel manufacturing factories in Japan, without specifying the amount being invested, highlighting Apple’s plans to work with multiple component makers to ensure that it can secure enough parts to make its popular iPhones and iPads. Osaka-based Sharp makes liquid crystal displays, which are widely used in tablets, smartphones and flat-screen televisions. Sharp already supplies LCD panels for Apple’s iPhone smartphones, according to the person. The company will be supplying panels for the next iPhone, which is also expected to launch sometime next year, the person added.

In addition, Sharp will be providing the displays for the next generation iPhone. The displays on the current iPhone 4S’s are also provided by Sharp. The next iPhone is rumored to have a 4 inch display in an aluminum casing, which has been rumored for a very long time. The Wall Street journal has previously reported that the next iPhone will have a dramatically new design and feature a new way of charging the iPhone.

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  1. The retina display will be AMAZING on an iPad, and it’s only a matter of time. Biometrics have been poppin up in laptops left and right lately, and even smartphones. Was wondering they would show up on tablets.

    Plus sharp is doing it, so you know it will work well! Awesome, cant wait!

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