The SHOWWX Projector

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MicroVision has recently released the SHOWWX+ Projector for your iPhone! Last year, at Macworld 2010, a prototype could be seen, and now its finally here!

This projector is only about the size of an iPhone 4, but the picture it projects is a lot clearer than it was at Macworld.

The drawbacks? The price and battery life.

Unfortunately, the SHOWWX+ projector uses a lot of battery juice, but MicroVision is working to fix that. At the moment, battery life only lasts for two hours, which is actually perfect if you’re wanting to watch just one single movie.

Now to talk about the price. MicroVision, I’m sure, has made it as cheap as they can, and while I think it’s definitely worth it, there’s no way I’d ever be able to afford $399 in order to buy the projector.

Here’s why it’s worth it: SHOWWX+ can project all of the apps with a “TV out” function, you can use Netflix or just regular videos. You can even play Rage HD on it, though its not as good as it could be. The image is slightly distorted as you move around, but it’s sure to get better as MicroVision works on it a bit more!

So, if you’re planning on picking this device up, let us know in your comments, or if you’ve already bought it, tell us what you think of it! We look forward to hear what you think of it!

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