Slow Down: The App

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Need a way to help you stop speeding? Try Slow Down: the app developed by a Belgian organization OVK, Parents of Children Killed in Road Accidents for your iPhone. It uses music as a signal to keep you aware of your vehicle’s speed!

The more you go over the speed limit, the more your music slows down! If you go more that ten miles over the set limit, the music mutes itself until you slow down and go the regulated speed, pretty nifty, huh?

The app itself is free for a noble cause, and the idea unique, but it does have a few problems. Such as having the GPS on all the time will drain your battery, and the speed limits in the app aren’t configurable so the app’s usability is limited when driving across different conditions like highways, freeways, and city roads, etc. Then there’s the fact that in North America we track our speed by Miles per Hour, while this app uses Kilometers per Hour, and not everyone will like that.

I, personally, think that this app is great to have for someone who loves listening to music and tends to get carried away while driving. If you plan on picking this app up for your iPhone from the App Store, tell us! Afterwards, even tell us what you think of this app in your comments, we look forward to hearing it!

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