Snap! Vows to Change the Way You Use Your iPhone’s Camera

Posted In App Review - By Shawn On Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 With 0 Comments

Snap!, a new app that has made its way to the App Store in recent weeks, promises to replace your iPhone’s stock camera app. Gone are the days of taking your average, boring pictures, as Snap! allows you to add custom notes to any photograph taken within the app. Of course there are several apps which are capable of this, but Snap! guarantees to do so with a “beautiful, fast and intuitive interface.”

I tend to always take pictures of items I wish to remember later: Grocery lists, bills, even notes in class. With Snap!, I can now overlay a personalized note to any photo, so that I can add very important items (toilet paper) to that grocery list long after I snapped it with my camera.

There are a ton of “standard” options for camera control such as touch to focus and flash control, and everything is combined in a sleek and intuitive fashion. The app will run you $1.99, and the devs seem very willing to release updates and bug fixes.

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