Sprint Employee Says iPhone 4 in October, iPhone 5 in Spring.

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Are you as sick of I am of the iPhone 5 rumors? Well here is an iPhone 5 AND iPhone 4 rumor. We have seen the evidence begin to pile that Apple’s flagship device is coming to Sprint. What we don’t know is when and whether or not devices will be 4G capable.

According to a source from TUAW, Sprint will be obtaining the next iPhone in the Spring with iDB speculating that the iPhone 4 that will be released in the Spring will be the mysterious N94 model with the 5 MP camera and A5 processor.

From iDB:

While low-level retail employees are never a reliable source for Apple-related news, the information does match up with several recent rumors claiming that the Cupertino company will be re-releasing the iPhone 4 this Fall…

But what about the iPhone 5, isn’t Sprint getting that too? According to TUAW’s tipster, the nation’s third largest wireless carrier won’t be getting Apple’s next smartphone until Springtime next year.

This raises all kinds of questions. Will customers want a 14 month old phone? Will the iPhone 4 be “retooled” as rumors have suggested? Maybe it’s the mysterious N94 devicewe keep hearing about with an A5 processor and 5 megapixel camera.

It’s worth mentioning that the associate also told TUAW that they have been informed of a 4G iPad heading Sprint’s way, but no dates or pricing were given. This isn’t too far fetched considering all of the 4G activity we’ve seen from Apple lately.

While  you always have to take these rumors with a grain of slat, it seems as if the iPhone is making its way to Sprint.

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