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Ipad sprint

It would appear that with the newest beta release of 5.1, there is the hint of a new iPad in the system. True to many of their traditions, Apple doesn’t generally release things out of cycle. While this past year has been full of Apple breaking their cycles, there were good reasons for such things to happen. When the 4S was finally released, there was word that the release was delayed in a big part to the Japan earthquakes earlier this summer. Much of the production of the iPhone and iPad screens happens in Japan, and the understandable breach in production led to a delay in when Apple felt comfortable announcing and releasing a new iPhone. The iPad schedule however did not seem affected by such events, and we can assume that sometime this spring, we will see new iPads.

There are a lot of conflicting reports on what the new iPads will be famous for. And while the traditional announcement dates are drawing near, I can’t help but think that Apple will stretch this release out a little longer. The iPad 2 is still going strong and crushing the entire opposition. The only blip on the radar for competition in the tablet market, was the short lived HP touchpad. The Touchpads spike in sales was much to do with the fact that soon after its launch, HP knocked the price down to just over $100. They sold like wildfire of course and it was no surprise to see them go. But other than that jump in sales, nothing has come close to the iPad in numbers or popularity.

So, the new mention of another model number in the beta software most likely indicates a new service provider being added to the mix for the 3G iPads. Sprint, having finally received the iPhone 4S, is almost assuredly the only one it could possibly go to. I find this odd though. The 3G speeds on Sprint have been quite the embarrassment for the bright yellow mobile provider. Many Sprint customers have been very unhappy with the service they have received after waiting years to get an iPhone at all. So I have to find it a bit strange that Apple would allow a Sprint 3G chip to be put in an iPad. While call signal and reliability are key for mobile phones, the same is not true for the tablet devices. Speeds remain the top priority while browsing the web or downloading a movie. If the 3G isn’t up to par, the device itself suffers. Because of the slow speeds I really didn’t expect to see much out of the big yellow until that was cleared up, but it would appear that they are going to add yet another device to the set.

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