Sprint and the iPhone

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It would make sense that Sprint would get the iPhone. Ever since the iPhone 4 release on Verizon, there really has been no reason to not have the phone on Sprint. The CDMA carriers are almost identical in how they carry their bandwidth. Sprint has some different marketing techniques on how to sell their service, but for the most part, the big yellow giant is no different from the big red one. While service isn’t as reliable as on Verizon, or as fast as it is on the GSM carriers, Sprint undoubtably offers better prices on their plans, especially their data. If Sprint was to offers the iPhone, they would be among the last to offer unlimited data. Although, as Verizon proved, using that as a selling point only lasts for so long. You definitely gather more flies with honey than vinegar.

It would appear that the Wall Street Journal article created some buzz in the Sprint stores causing some employees to be told that they need to keep their mouth shut about anything they read in the paper or see online. This of course only does bundles to prove the point that Sprint will be in the line up for the new iPhone. This works in Sprints favor. The more they leak news about Sprint getting the iPhone, the less likely their customers are to switch to a different carrier until they know for sure. Fear of the unknown is enough to keep some customers loyal to Sprint, and with the amount of people switching to use the iPhone I’m not shocked that Sprint would use this tactic to keep their people where they are.

I certainly would not mind seeing Sprint getting the iPhone. The more carriers they better as far as I am concerned. There is no reason to keep the phone out of some peoples hands and not others.

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