Steve Jobs Biography tops charts

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Last week, it was reported that Walter Isaacson’s new novel on Steve Jobs reached a major milestone on Amazon. In less than two months, it has become the best selling title for 2011 on the website.

After a making a few changes, Amazon re-released its list of top 10 books today and the company figured that Kindle e-books should be figured into the data considering that Kindle books outsell hard covers and should be included in the counting.

Amazon issued a statement announcing that Steve Job’s biography is still number one with all of teh Kind e-books figured into the whole ordeal.

“After the year of recommending books to our customers, it’s always fun to see what books really resonated with them. We chose ‘Steve Jobs’ as one of the Top 10 best books of the year, and even though it was published in October, the sales have been phenomenal in both formats.”

The Steve Jobs biography has also ranked number one on the iBook store and has been listed as the best-selling non fiction book by the New York Times for 6 weeks running. Pretty impressive for only fifty days on the market.

Have you picked up the book yourself? Leave your thoughts below.

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