Why Steve Job’s Car went without a License Plate

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One of the signature thing about Steve Job’s life was that he always had a car that did not have a license plate. How was it possible for somebody not to have a license plate? Did he get fined every time he ran into the police? Did he get a special permit? Was he just flat out lucky? Turns out there is an amazing explanation for this.

iTWire explains (via The Loop):

Steve (or someone close to him) spotted a loophole in the California vehicle laws.  Anyone with a brand new car had a maximum of six months to affix the issued number plate to the vehicle.

So Jobs made an arrangement with the leasing company; he would always change cars during the sixth month of the lease, exchanging one silver Mercedes SL55 AMG for another identical one.  At no time would he ever be in a car as old as six months; and thus there was no legal requirement to have the number plates fitted.

One might also assume that the leasing company was happy – they had an endless supply of luxury cars to on-sell with the previous driver being none-other that Steve Jobs.

That would be a win-win-win situation for Steve, the leasing company and for the subsequent buyer.

Would you do this if you had the money of Steve Jobs?

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