Steve Wozniak bought his white iPhone 4 from Kid Selling Conversion Kits

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Ok, so I just came across this article on Gizmodo, and I had to stop everything to bring it to you all!

Just incase you Don’t know who Steve Wozniak is, I’ll let you in on the humor…”Woz” is a co-founder of Apple!

In an interview at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, Woz showed off his WHITE iPhone 4! Well, it was actually a black iPhone 4 modified with white parts that he got from Fei Lam, a 17 year old kid Who has made over $130,000 selling conversion kits imported directly from Foxconn (Apple’s parts manufacturer/distributer in China) who, in a related story, is facing possible jail time because he is being accused of “selling stolen goods”.

Reporters interviewing Woz thought that he had used his deep connections with Apple to get his hands on one, as a few people at Apple do have them, however, Woz’s iPhone is not the case.

CNN reports:

“CNN touched base with him after Apple-news blog 9to5 Mac reported that a reader e-mailed Wozniak about this post, and that Woz suggested the phone might be modified with a kit a Chinese teenager was selling before being shut down by Apple.

Wozniak said something similar Wednesday to CNN. “I saw a post and got in quick and ordered my set of parts,” he wrote.”

So let me pose you this question, do you think the kid selling the kits is guilty of selling stolen goods, if even a co-founder of Apple will buy from him? Don’t you think that if the good were stolen, Woz would have suspected that? He clearly states that he hurriedly ordered his parts, because he knew that supply would not last long, If the parts are found to be stolen, should Woz, or anyone else who bought the kits, face legal trouble also? Let me know what your thoughts are in your comments!

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