Steve Will Always Be Around, But Not The Way You Think

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Steve Jobs’s spirit will always remain in Apple, the company he gave life to in his garage and proceeded to make into an empire. But that alone isn’t enough to guide the company. So he created Apple University. 

What is Apple University, you ask? Apple University is a program designed to teach employees what it means to work at Apple. The curriculum is based on the basic ideas that make Apple what it is, and was designed with great influence from Steve himself. It teaches Apple values such as accountability, attention to detail, perfectionism, simplicity, and secrecy. All the things Apple is famous for, the things that make Steve’s company what it is, and the things that they will have to learn to do themselves now that he is gone.

Apple is so serious about this university that they hired the dean of Yale Business School to oversee it’s workings. Joel Podolny has the experience needed, along with Steve’s guidance, to design a program to keep Apple to it’s values long after Steve Jobs isn’t there to watch over them. The only downside is that the course isn’t available to the public.

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