SwitcherSettings: A New Alternative to SBSettings

Posted In Jailbroken Apps - By Tariq On Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 With 1 Comment

I’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, and I’m sure many of your readers do, too. One of the first tweaks I install when I update iOS and jailbreak is SBSettings. Getting fast access to often changed settings is one of the huge advantages to jailbreaking. One thing that’s always bugged me about SBSettings is its appearance. I’ve always thought that it didn’t look very “Apple-like”, in that it wouldn’t be something that would come stock on the iPhone looking the way it does. Now there is a very good alternative to SBSettings, called SwitcherSettings.

SwitcherSettings pops up on screen by double tapping the home button and bringing up the multitasking tray. It presents a list of settings along with switches on the right side, much like you will find in the stock Settings.app in iOS. You can see the system-wide On/Off switch (in this case, it’s I/O) being use. To me, it’s much easier and clearer to see and read than SBSettings. The great part is that SwitcherSettings automatically works with the existing SBSettings toggles. You can just delete SBSettings and download SwitcherSettings, and all of your settings toggles will automatically pop up in SwitcherSettings. Unfortunately SwitcherSettings cannot be used along MobileNotifier, as they both display their respective interfaces above the multitasking tray.

Swiping to the right in SwitcherSettings will show you other valuable information like the wifi and 3G IP addresses, available memory, available storage, etc. (much like SBSettings does at the bottom of its interface). If you like what you see, you can download SwitcherSettings from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $2.49.

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  1. MattDaddyG3 says:

    As much as I like the placement and clarity of SwitcherSettings, SBSettings is free and has more to it than simply toggling iOS device functions. But, for some JB enthusiasts it may be just what they need.

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