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Swype is a different experience for typing. Instead of typing out each letter on your phone, you can just swipe the letter in succession to get the word that you want. If you don’t get the word that you want, you can always find the replacement word in a list that highlights the word you just typed. When this was introduced, many people thought that this could make typing on iOS a lot easier, but an app has never been submitted to the App Store for approval. And thus Swype has long been one of the Android features many iOS users have desired to have. Now the app is available through Cydia if you jailbreak.

However this isn’t an app created by the Swype team, instead something created by WyndWarrior, the creator of the advanced theming platform, Dreamboard. While some of the major features of Swype were missing from the initial beta, WyndWarrior has begun to add some major components of Swype.

A tutorial on how to install Swype is below:

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  1. An update was just released earlier today. It now has the iconic blue tracer line that follows your swipe and works in all native apps. The original release did not have the blue tracer and only worked in the native SMS app on the iPhone. This tweak is AMAZING! It’s surprisingly accurate and works smoothly. The only complaint I have is that it does not recognize conjunctions – “don’t, it’s, I’d, would’ve, etc.”

  2. Shawn says:

    I can’t get the repo to load. Is it still available?

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