Thicker iPad and 4-Inch iPhone Coming in Summer?

Posted In Apple news - By Joon On Sunday, November 20th, 2011 With 0 Comments

iLounge is reporting that Apple will be making significant changes to their iPhone, iPad and MacBook line.

-iPad: It is reported that the iPad 3, which is planned to launch in March, will be about .7 mm thicker than the current iPad 2 due to the need to incorporate a new dual light bar system for the retina display. The iPad 2 currently is 8.8 mm thick, which would make the iPad 3 about 8% thicker than the iPad 2, but still thinner than the original iPad.

-iPhone: iLounge is claiming that the next iPhone will not have the teardrop design that has been rumored for months that has circulated ahead of the iPhone 4S announcement last month. The next iPhone will have a 4-inch display and will be 8 mm longer than the current iPhone. Apple is reportedly trying to target a summer launch for the device, which would make it a shorter time between the launch of the 4S and 4.

-MacBook Pro: The source is saying that 2012 is when we will see a thinner MacBook Pro. There has been reports that Apple is working on finishing such redesign. The company however did sneak a refresh to the MacBook just a couple of weeks ago. Reports have been claimed that an ultra-thin MacBook is going to launched in March, whether it will be a Pro or an Air.

What do you think about all these claims?


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