Thunderbolt Not Selling As Well As Previously Thought?

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For weeks now, Android fanboys have been rubbing in our faces the fact that the HTC Thunderbolt was outselling the Verizon iPhone. Well, as it turns out, this was completely untrue – more the opposite.

The basis on which the Thunderbolt theory was resting wasn’t very concrete to begin with. Basically, a research firm took a survey of employees at Verizon stores, and asked them which phone they thought was selling faster. Obviously, this method is prone to many errors, and left me quite skeptical. So I was excited to read a report from that said otherwise.

They did the math. During the Verizon earnings call, they confirmed they sold 2.2 million Verizon iPhones in the six weeks it was on the market. They also revealed that they sold only 260,000 Thunderbolts in the two weeks it was for sale. According to, if you extend these numbers by four weeks, keeping the same rate of sale for the Thunderbolt, you would have 780K Thunderbolt sales in six weeks, compared to 2.2 million iPhone sales in six weeks. Clearly, this is a pretty big difference. 1.4 million, to be exact.

So which phone is more successful now? The iPhone, of course. And now you can go rub it in all those Android fanboy’s faces.

Source: [TUAW]

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