The Top 10 Apps on my iPhone Right Now

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In the sea of a million apps, there are only a few that are good. And although I know I am missing a good load of them. I’ll help you with that decision on what apps to spend that iTunes giftcard on.

10.VLC Media Player (Free on Cydia)

This awesome media player allowed you to play any type of video file you wanted on your iPod. But thanks to Apple’s App Store guidelines, it was recently removed due to some violation of a copyright law. It’s available on Cydia though if you’re jailbroken.

9.Facebook (Free)

Well if you don’t have Facebook right now, you’re definitely a caveman or living under a rock, no offense to Patrick Star of Spongebob. The Facebook app is as close to as you can get to a fully featured Facebook on the desktop. My only negative? It doesn’t have all the people online for chat on your phone at once. Otherwise, it’s a great app.

8. Doodle Jump (99 Cents)

One of the most addicting apps in the App Store, you take a little doodle and take him as far up the course as you can. So simple, so addicting.

7. Cut the Rope (99 Cents)

This game is a very easy, addicting game. The point is to get the hanging piece of candy to the little monster while trying to get the three stars. To get the stars from one place to another, you use ropes, bubbles and wind blowers. Very fun and easy to pick up and play.

6. Netflix (Free)

With a Netflix account, you can stream all of the Netflix Instant selections in high quality and on the go. You no longer need to buy any TV shows or movies that are on Netflix instant.

5. Twitter (Free)

I wasn’t a big Twitter user until I got my iPhone. From there, I fell in love with Twitter, using it to get my news and hearing celebrities go on rants. The official Twitter app is by far the best one on the app store, one of the killer features being the pull to refresh. Once using this app, I couldn’t stand pressing a refresh button on apps such as Oosfoora, Tweetdeck and Echofon.

4. ESPN Scorecenter (Free)

While I’m no the biggest fan of the pop up notification on the iPhone, I love getting my sports notifications. In this app, you set up you’r favorite teams and will give your notification based on your settings. A must have for sports fans.

3. Remote (Free)

One of Apple’s only apps in the App Store is one of its best. This app allows you to control what your iTunes library or Apple TV is playing through an app. Its similarity to the iPod app makes it familiar and easy to use.

2. Angry Birds (99 Cents)

Since being released last year, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this app leave the number on spot on the leaderboards. The app is such a simple concept, knocking down green pigs with a variety of birds, but these birds have gotten this app to be a must have on the iPhone

1. TuneIn Radio (99 Cents)

I am a radio junkie and probably one of the few people who would LOVE to see a radio app being implemented into iOS and a radio being on the iPhone. TuneIn is a great substitute in the time being. It collects a lot of radio streams excluding the ones on the iHeartRadio app and allows you to use the app as a DVR, letting you rewind and fast-forward streams as well as saving recordings on your phone. A must have.

These are the apps I use the most on a daily basis. What do you guys use? Leave a comment below!

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