Top 5 Things Apple Should Change

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Apple is one of the greatest electronic companies to ever grace the world, but there are certainly many things that they could improve on. Don’t get me wrong, Apple is my favorite electronic company hands down, but they could certainly exceed expectations even more than they already are.

5. Price: Apple is always known to be a pricey company when it comes to actually buying the devices. iPads are around 500 bucks for the low end model, and 229 for the low end iPod touch. When you take a look at the percentage of how old people are who buy Apple’s best selling product, the iPod touch, you would see that more than half are teenagers or younger. When these kids are saving up their money to buy the brand new iPod, you want them to buy other things such as gift cards, and apps, and if they’re broke already, they have absolutely no money for that. Lowering the price about 25-40 dollars would be a good alternative.

4. iTunes Ease of Use: iTunes is definitely my favorite way of keeping track of my music, and buying TV shows as well. But, with a hard user interface for the elderly, and those that are not tech savvy, it might deter them away. iTunes needs a major revamp from the last version. It’s very hard for those people to get all of their songs they might have on CDs on to iTunes, then on their iPod. If iTunes could be majorly fine tuned, it would be even better than it is now.

3. Customer Service: When your iPhone has a problem, the first thing you think of is calling Apple for help. It sounds fairly simple, but it’s really not. If you don’t have AppleCare (which BTW is expensive as well) then you will have to talk to the specialist whilst paying to talk by the minute. I personally have never called Apple if I have a problem. I just don’t like to pay someone to diagnose my problem while they’re not really doing anything at all. Also, the prices for the repairs are extremely expensive as well. They want to charge 100 dollars for a new battery replacement? Apple could certainly improve their customer service.

2. Better Marketing of Macs: I have a PC, but Macs are definitely supreme to them, because of how fast they are compared to one, and the lack of a risk for viruses. Although these are obviously great computers, I haven’t seen a Mac commercial on TV for a very long time. Macs are obviously Apple’s most expensive product, and I don’t know why they wouldn’t push it more than it has already. The only time I’ve seen an advertisement for the Mac was looking through a Best Buy catalog, and on the Apple website. If Apple could get more commercials for Macs, sales would definitely improve.

1. Device Backup and Syncing with iTunes: I can’t tell you how irritated I got with not being able to sync my iPhone or iPod touch to a different computer. It’s so annoying that you can’t get a new computer, and have to restore iPhone, and move ALL of the files on your iTunes on your old computer to your new computer. I only want to put the apps that I purchased onto a different computer. I have the account to prove it! It’s such a long process that it’s sometimes not even worth it! This is a seriously important thing that Apple should fix right away.

What do you think that Apple completely change, or wipe out?


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  1. isehaq says:

    Bluetooth connection with other phones
    easy transfer of phone book from other phones so we can change to iPhone without second though

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